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Steamclash - clash of the steam powered warships

Steamclash is a two player realtime strategy game.
You can play with two iOS devices via Bluetooth or in Hotseat Mode on a single iPad.

“Listen to my words! Beyond the horizon, the enemy concentrates their mighty armada. Can you see the dark clouds mount up in the sky? Watch carefully, these clouds are not born from sun and water. It is the steam of their coal powered warships. Do you hear the hollow thunder rumble? Listen close and you hear the armor of their ships screaming.

Now it is up to you, young admiral of the crown, to protect our harbour against the enemies fleet.”

Fight epic ship battles against your friends in this one-on-one multiplayer game. Use the time and glory based income system to your advantage. Build and upgrade four different ship types and deploy them at the right moment to create effective formations to destroy the enemies' fleet.


  • one-on-one multiplayer matches
  • Network via Bluetooth with two iOS devices
    (iPhone 3GS, iPad 1. Gen., iPod Touch 2. Gen. or better)
  • Hotseat mode on a single iPad
  • dynamic battles allowing for smart tactics
  • time and glory based income system
  • four awesome ship classes
  • lovely graphics for iPhone and iPad
  • atmospheric music and nice sound effects


download steamclash presskit


a game by
Philip Wagner & Malte Buttjer

music by
Piotr Pawłowski

font by
Henning Skibbe

special thanks to
Professor Dennis Paul
David Friedrich